Weeks 1 & 2

Unfortunately I had to miss the first week of both Ballet at the Barre and Rhythm Tap because I was ill. But as is polite, I emailed the teachers to let them know I wouldn’t be there. I was annoyed that I had to miss the first week of Ballet because I don’t like to be behind and having to catch up. I’ll also have to miss a week of Ballet in June when I go to TENERIFE (can’t wait!). I wasn’t so bothered about missing the first week of Tap, just because it runs in shorter chunks, so the first week is always going over the basics and assimilating new people. I’m going to move up to level 2 once I’ve finished Ballet at the Barre.

Ballet at the Barre week 2: After a stroll across Waterloo Bridge, I arrived early enough to get changed and fill up my water bottle from the machine. I wore a longish vest top, a black wrap cardigan and some cropped LA Gear jogging pants (which I have in black, grey and navy), and my black Bloch ballet slippers. I realised when I got to the barre that my feet and ankles were ridiculously dry and ashy. Must remember to use my skin balm! Oh well.

It was really weird being back at the barre! As we worked through the exercises, I realised I really need to work on my core and turnout.

I am a total believer in the benefits of cross-training, so I either use the gym across from work on a PAYG pass or do aerobics or some other workout to get my fitness and flexibility up. I saw a banner up last week for a new yoga class taking place near home on a Friday morning, so I am thinking of giving that a go this week to see if I like it.

Term Starts Next Week!

I’m really excited because the Summer Term begins next week, and I am booked onto 2 different courses:

Ballet at the Barre at City Lit on Wednesday – 12 weeks

Rhythm Tap 1 at Morley College on Thursday lunchtime – 6 weeks

I am currently doing Aerobics Oz Style from Youtube every day after work to limber up. A complete 90s throwback!

It is probably a good idea to just do the six week block of Tap and then have a six week break from that until Ballet at the Barre is finished.

My tap teacher asked if I wanted to be more challenged, so I will probably try Rhythm Tap 2 after the summer.