Point your tootsies

After missing a week of Ballet at the Barre due to being stuck at work in a boring training course, I was back to it on Wednesday, pink leotard in tow!

This week I was a little nervous about our warm up section because I KNOW I keep turning my head the wrong way and then don’t know which arm I’m supposed to be reaching up and over with. Martin stopped us last time and ran through it again, and I thought it had gone into my brain. Not sure it had! Anyway, I have since practised that bit at home.

This week’s feedback was on my hip alignment (need to keep an eye on that when working the outside leg in say, ronde de jambe) and on the need to remember to point my toes during changement. I love jumps, but I did find this one quite challenging! I think it was the speed of getting in and out of 5th position more than anything. I need to make more use of the barre to get height. Another thing to practice at home!

A helpful article from Dance Spirit Magazine: https://www.dancespirit.com/how-to/ballet/hop_to_it_/

Definition: A changement is when a dancer performs a jump from fifth position with the feet, jumping and changing the foot position in the air so they land with the opposite foot in front. (From Ballet Hub – https://ballethub.com/ballet-term/changement/ )

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