Okay, I finally made a decision about what to do in September! I will be returning to Ballet at the Barre on Wednesdays Sept-Dec after I emailed my teacher to ask if he would recommend it for my improvers level, seeing as I can’t do the Ballet Improvers class. He said definitely and he is aiming to direct absolute beginner students to a beginner’s ballet class as Barre won’t be for absolute beginners. So, that means the improvers can progress! I really wanted to do some centre and travelling but he did actually encourage me away from the barre for some exercises, which is a start! (Now I have an excuse to buy that Lulli ballet skirt!)

There’s the new Street Jazz course on a Friday evening in September also, which would give the opportunity for travelling, turns and jumps, but I have to think about the cost of 2 courses, plus I work at home on my own business  on Fridays so that would be quite an extra effort to head into London for an hour’s class.

But, I said I was keen to return to Rhythm Tap in September but my teacher suggested going to Improvers (like deja vu!) which is also on Wednesday evenings, and Lambeth North tube station is closing for lift replacements next week until FEBRUARY! This is the station practically opposite Morley College and will make getting home afterwards a real hassle. Faffing about at Waterloo station? No thanks! Anyway, as I’m booked onto ballet I’m going to speak to my tap teacher when I do her summer class on the 20th, explain my situation and ask if it’s worth continuing lunchtime tap on a Thursday just to keep up my practice. Besides, I still find level 1 challenging! My plan is to do hopefully level 2 next year…

Today I’m considering whether to attend the Brighton Tap Festival in August to learn from the amazing Maud Arnold!




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