Advanced Beginner

So last night I went along to the first of my double whammy of Rhythm Tap classes at Morley College, levels 1 and 2 back to back (1.5 hours). It felt like a long time to hang around after work until 6pm, even though it was only really an hour, but I think the post-clock change darkness made it feel that way.

Level 1 was my comfort zone, and I thoroughly enjoyed the warm up exercises and routine we started to learn, although the class size is a LOT bigger than Thursday lunchtimes, which meant shifting around every now and then in order to make sure I could see our teacher.

Level 2 was also a large class, but oh MY, did it step things up a notch! I had to keep remembering that my teacher had told me months ago that I should do level 2 as I’ll be just ¬†fine at that level, so that I didn’t feel too intimidated by all those other people who had been doing it a while. Thankfully, I already knew 2 other people who I had met in Thursday lunchtime classes, so we could laugh at ourselves…together! Normally I don’t worry too much about going across the room in groups of 3 or 4 while others watch, but with that large class size and being a level 2 newbie, I was suddenly aware of people watching. Don’t panic! But do you know what, when you watch others, you can learn from the good stuff they’re doing, or realise that others are struggling with it too, and that’s OK!

We’re learning a routine to Cee Lo Green’s Crazy. Let’s see if I can remember two different routines over these 6 weeks…



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