Tap Wednesday 

Tonight’s tap class was very challenging! Level 1 was good and I actually remembered the routine. The class was a bit smaller than last week, which was good. However, level 2 was really full and we learnt a couple of more complicated time steps (oh man!), but I struggled to see what our teacher was doing, and sometimes found myself hemmed in at the back! Anyway, I love both of the routines we’re learning. I’ll try to take note of what songs we’re using! 

P. S. Rushed off and left my tap shoes behind! Hopefully they’ll be there when I go back to pick them up tomorrow… 

New Year, New Term 

I am just on my way home from a great evening at the first Rhythm Tap class of the year. It was great to be back, and I was very excited to learn the ‘closed third’. Yes, three sounds in one go and you will never walk the same way again!
I am continuing to take levels 1 & 2 so that I get a good hour and a half and to continue to improve my foundation. It was great to see friends from last term and to meet some new people too.

I wore my new Bloch Sync Tap shoes tonight and they felt like a much better fit, but I get so hot that I felt like my feet had spread out a bit by class 2 and could start to feel my left little toe rubbing (usual culprit!) so I will try to remember compression socks next week and maybe some plasters.

New Term 2017

Happy New Year!

A new term begins at Morley College next week, with another 5 weeks of Rhythm Tap to look forward to! I can’t wait, and I get to wear my new Bloch Sync Tap shoes, which fit a little better than my previous ones. (Hoping this will address the clawing left toes??) Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to read my 2 tap books that I had earmarked to study during the holidays. I guess I can do this on my commute into London instead and then write about them here!