Went to the glamorous and quirky neighbourhood of Notting Hill to see Old Kent Road’s tap show ‘Fallout’ on Thursday evening after work. 

OMG these people are so talented! If you get a chance to see some of their work… Do it! 

A totally engaging show, amazing tap skills and musicality. Founder Avalon Rathgeb is mesmerising to watch and the live band was fantastic. There was a half hour Q&A at the end where I was kind of poised to ask a question but kind of missed my chance… Or chickened out. 

What I really wanted to know was how they look after their feet! I mean, I’m only doing 1.5 hours a week and I get foot fatigue, aching toenails, blisters… 

Despite Storm Doris wreaking havoc during the day, Clive and I got there and back to the burbs no problem. 

Was great to see a few people from our Rhythm Tap classes at Morley in the audience as our teacher is Old Kent Road’s company manager. 

Watching these amazing dancers gave me renewed enthusiasm for Wednesday nights and left me wondering how I can put more hours in. 

An amazing evening all for only £15!

Suzy Q

Back in the tap studio this evening for Rhythm Tap 1 and 2 after having a week break for half term. I had a flu type virus from Thursday to Monday so I wasn’t sure how I’d be until today.

As is always the case at the beginning of a new 6 week block, we went over some of the basics and I was really glad to learn how to do a Suzy Q properly! We used it in a routine last time, but I realised as I was travelling, that I didn’t know what the heck I was supposed to be doing with my feet. Now that I know, I love it! It was the first stamp across the body that I was missing a few weeks ago.

We did lots tonight, our coordination was challenged and unusually for me, my knees are hurting. And my toes, but that’s not unusual.

Tomorrow night off to see Old Kent Road Tap company’s new show ‘Fallout’ at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill. Should be fun!


Last night I went to the last Rhythm Tap classes before the school Half Term next week. It was a chilly walk from Elephant & Castle to Morley College, with a pit stop at Costa, where I managed to crush the end of my middle finger between the chair and the loose seat pad as I pulled the chair forward to sit down…OUCH.

When I arrived at Morley, an older lady burst out of the front doors and said “ahhhh, some cool air!” I told her I was looking forward to getting inside – brrrr! Anyone that’s been to Morley College knows that it’s an oven.

For some reason, when I get there, I get nervous butterflies in the stomach. I have no idea why; I love the class and look forward to it every week. Weird.

Anyway, lots of people who were missing last week were back this week, but numbers were still down because I think the lurgy is getting everyone at the moment! Level 1 was good fun. We practised 4 and 5 beat riffs, which were part of the routine we were learning. With the pick-ups I managed not to get my toes involved this time!

Level 2 was pretty fast moving, but this was because we had quite a lot to fit in and we started a few minutes late, plus had to take the register from the week before because it had gone walkies. I LOVE that fast, fun routine but I did get a bit tangled a few times with what was coming next (brain blank!) and everyone groaned when our teacher suggested we perform it in 2 groups, i.e the other group watching! But, as I keep saying, it is good to get used to being watched, and watched going wrong too! It’s fine! I think when you perform it in one group, you tend to watch yourself in the mirror and think everyone else is getting every step right. Then you watch each other, and realise that’s not the case at all!

Great news – there are more Rhythm Tap 1 & 2 classes available at Morley due to high demand!  My teacher mentioned that she’s started a level 2 class straight after level 1 daytime on a Thursday lunchtime if I was interested. I am very interested…but I wouldn’t be able to take a 2+ hour lunch (15 walk +45 class +45 class + 15 walk + 15 shower?!?). Maybe I could do Thursday level 2 as a one-off block when I want a break from late Wednesday nights, or I decide to Wednesday Ballet for a bit. Also good to know I can drop in on Thursday if I happen to miss a Wednesday for whatever reason 🙂

Do you ever get butterflies before a class?