Yesterday we experienced temperatures of up to 34 degrees centigrade in London. Oh that’s nothing compared to Australia/Dubai/India, you say. Yeah, except those countries are set up for hot temperatures. We’re not. And don’t get me started on the Tube (add on ten degrees).

My office has been unbearably stuffy for the last few days and yesterday I was finding it hard to breathe normally (I had heat stroke last year and have a slight heart murmur, so no laughing matter really) so they told me to go home. I said “but I’ve got Tap tonight”. They told me “NO TAP”. So, I travelled home just before midday, and sat in my other office with the fan on, cat in the in-tray and a bottle of fizzy guava in my hand, trying to work from home.

Emailed my tap tutor to let her know I wouldn’t be there and she recommended an ice bath 🛀. I was actually wondering before this whether I would even manage both classes seeing as Morley College has NO air-con.

It’s 42nd Street tonight, and thankfully it has cooled down.

Stay hydrated!

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