Good things…

…come to those who wait


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Last week I got an email with a £10 voucher code to entice me back to Covent Garden’s City Lit. I have been considering booking onto Ballet at the Barre on Wednesday nights, which I absolutely loved and miss the discipline (and conditioning) of, but:

a) last time I tried to do that and tap the day after, I was exhausted and my memory wouldn’t extend to two different routines, even though the ballet one was ridiculously easy.

b) I need to cut back on my spending as the house move approaches and all the (many) expenses that go with that.

I think I might have to delete that email and just wait until next year :(((

I’ll let you know.

One thought on “Good things…

  1. I feel your pain. This got to be the only bad thing about dance classes: they cost money… 🙁 But the house move sounds like a one-off thing and you’ll be able to afford ballet again in no time.

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