It only took me 5 weeks to realise we’ve been dancing to Radiohead’s Creep! Although, to be fair, we’ve been using a cover version. But this evening a member of the class played it for us on the piano for our performances in front of the other half of the class (plus a practice all together)! Very cool, very nicely played.

I went a bit wrong when we were dancing in front of the other half of the group, but hey ho, that’s dance class! The more you dance in front of an audience, the better. I have to admit I found it easier to perform Street dance in front of an audience. In fact I did, two years in a row at ‘Sutton’s Got Talent’! (There is DVD evidence).

In the last few minutes our teacher asked if there’s anything else we’d like to do so I piped up with “call and response” (I’m so keen). That was good fun! It literally keeps you on your toes.

Told my teacher at the end that I couldn’t get onto the next block of Wednesday evenings, but that I booked onto the Thursday day instead. I also told her that I’m going to the Tap UK Festival 🇬🇧 in Manchester next weekend! More on this later, but in brief: I’m really excited, there’s a show Friday night, I’ll be doing about 3 classes on the Saturday morning, and yes people, there will be AFRO FUNK!! 🎶

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