Saturday Steps

This week I was able to attend my tap class via the Zoom app! At 2pm on Thursday we got together online to catch up how each other are doing in lockdown, to warm up to Paul Simon’s You can call me Al, and to learn a bit more of our routine! I did the class from my garage gym/dance studio and my SO managed to drag the broadband router to the back of the house so I could get WiFi down there. It was a lot of fun and just really nice to see everyone’s faces and catch up.

Our teacher is sending us a video of the routine so we can practice, and we have also been given a bit of homework – to come up with something for 8 beats that can be used in a call-and-response section of the routine!

Last Saturday I got out into the garage to do some tapping and keep my activity levels up… and I filmed some for you! I wore anklet socks over the front of my tap shoes to reduce the tinny sound it makes on the tap board – a tip I picked up from someone in a tap forum.

[vimeo 399427094 w=640 h=564]

Hope you’re doing OK.

Lifelong Dance Student x

3 thoughts on “Saturday Steps

  1. I miss tap. I just moved to the 7th floor in an apartment and I don’t want my neighbors to hate me, so I won’t be tapping at home, 🙂 but I guess I could go outside and “tap” in my sneakers in the park. Seems like a good way to try to keep in shape during all this. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy tapping!

    1. Tap in the park sounds like a great idea! It’s difficult in an apartment – I lived in an apartment up until 3 years ago and had a shift-working neighbour, so I could only practice when he was at work. Go for it! 🙂

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