Today I have decided to do what I did last summer and go to the gym at lunchtime! I don’t have any dance classes until mid-September, and I am starting to feel really sluggish and unfit (I know, Rambert was only last week), so I think a short workout will be good, especially as it’s a really dreary day out there.


Watching the IAAF Athletics World Championships has also spurred me on (I was at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday morning). I keep seeing adverts everywhere at the moment for how to get your “best body ever!” and a “pert peachy bum!” because it’s bikini-mankini season, but that’s not really my motivation. I just want to feel a bit fitter so that September’s return to dance isn’t a shock!

Don’t worry, I haven’t signed up for a silly gym membership that I’ll never use…I bought a Pay As You Gym pass 🙂

What do you do to stay fit when you’re not dancing?


Rio 2016

ARI don’t know about you, but I feel really inspired by the Rio Olympics at the moment. I’m
watching it on TV after work and catching up on some on BBC iPlayer at the weekends.
My favourite events are definitely all gymnastics related! These people are incredible athletes. They are strong and flexible and have the ability to fly through the air or jump from the ground onto a 10cm beam straight into the splits! (Achieving the splits is still on my bucket list LOL).

Pint-sized Gold medallist Simone Biles of the US has been one of my favourites, and her team mate Aly Raisman is also in my awesome list. I just really love their style.
Well done to our GB gymnasts Amy Tinkler who got Bronze, along with the amazing Gold medallist Max Whitlock. It has definitely spurred me on to start strength training and stretching…


It has been so cool that Ballet has been mentioned on several occasions during these Olympics. GB Hammer thrower Sophie Hitchon was a former ballet student and Dylan Tyler credited his sailing success to his ballet dancer parents! (He tried ballet as a child, but hated it and took gymnastics instead). I think the discipline of dance is very transferable into other sports.

What have been your Rio Olympic highlights?