My Dance Training


20th Sept – ongoing – Rhythm Tap (Inter/Advanced) (online)

Jan-Jul – Rhythm Tap (Intermediate) (online)

Aug – Preparation for Healthy Dance Certificate (Safe in Dance International)

8th Aug – Memory Skills for Dancers (Sophia Seline Martins – Neuroscience of Dance)

5th-10th Jul – Virtual Tap City (American Tap Dance Foundation)

May – Webinar: Culture and Dance Education Training with Karida Griffith Walker (CVFC) (catch-up on webinar which took place in Dec 2020)

May – Webinar: Pedagogy, Culture and Jazz with Dee Daniels Locke (CVFC) (catch-up on webinar which took place in Jan 2021)

25th Apr – Workshop: Rhythm and Music Theory for Tappers (Sole Rebel/Tato Sassone)

11th Apr – Workshop: Routes into musicality and improvisation (Sole Rebel/Jess Murray)

8th Apr – Workshop: An Evening with Demi Remick (Tap Dance UK)

27 Mar- Talk: Footage Night Special – Ms Mable Lee (Collective Voices For Change)

17th Mar – Talk on Buddy Bradley: Choreographing British Film & Theatre (Tap Dance Research Network UK)

16th Mar – Talk: An Evening with Sarah Reich (Tap Dance UK)

7th Mar – Buster Brown’s ‘Laura’ workshop (Sole Rebel/Ryan Campbell-Birch)

25th Feb – Talk: An Evening with Josette Wiggan-Freund (Tap Dance UK)

21st Feb – Bill Robinson’s ‘King for a Day’ workshop (Sole Rebel/Avalon Rathgeb)

12th-21st Feb – Tap Dance Festival UK – Drills (Robin Passmore), Relaxed Technique (Michelle Dorrance), Rudiments (Adele Joel), Tap & Tea Talks with Michelle Dorrance & Dianne Walker, Footage Night with Tony Waag.

7th Feb – Leon Collins’ ’53’ workshop (Sole Rebel/Adele Joel)


10th Sept – 10th Dec – Rhythm Tap (Intermediate)

12th Sept-5th Dec – Charleston to Jazz (Beginners)

Aug-Sept – Let’s Talk Jazz Series – BOP Jazz and Guests in Conversation. Guests: Kadhifa Wong, Lisa Donmall-Reeve & Zac Nemorin (UPROOTED: The Journey of Jazz), Jreena Green (Lindy Hop), Jason Pennycooke (Musical Theatre), Annette Walker (Tap)

16th July – Tap Improvisation & Choreography Workshop (online)

15th July – The Tap Shim Sham Workshop (online)

26th Mar-16th July – Rhythm Tap (Intermediate) (online)

25th May – Musicality class with Sarah Reich (Instagram Live)

24th May – Tap Dance Festival UK (Tap Technique, Timesteps, Combos, History Talks and Q&A) (online)

23rd May – Tap Dance UK Festival (Body Percussion, Tap workshops, Talks, Discussion Panels and Gala) (online)

9th April – 16th Aug – Tap & Tea Tap History Talks Series (Theatre Tap London) Guests: Nathan James, Tony Waag, Jenny Thomas, Andrew Black, Stephen Mear CBE, Lisa La Touche, Ray Hesselink, Bril Barrett, Sarah Reich, Brenda Bufalino, Barbara Duffy, Heather Cornell, Max Pollak, Ayodele Casel, Derick Grant.

9th Jan-12th Mar – Rhythm Tap (Intermediate), London


12th Sept-Oct – Rhythm Tap (Intermediate), London

29th July – Tap Dance Summer Intensive (Improver/Intermediate), Covent Garden, London

24th July – Tap Improvisation & Choreography Workshop, London

10th Jan-11th July – Rhythm Tap (Advanced Beginners), London

15th-17th Feb – Tap Dance Festival UK Winter Intensive, Salford, Manchester



Autumn Term: Rhythm Tap (Advanced Beginner & Intermediate classes), London

30th July – Summer Tap Dance Intensive (Improver/Intermediate) – City Lit, London

12th July – Tap Shim Sham Workshop, London

3rd June – OMG So Stagey CATS Workshop (Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats) – Pineapple Studios, London

8th April – OMG So Stagey CATS Workshop (Jellicle Ball) – Pineapple Studios, London

16th Mar 2018 – MOVE IT (incl. Workshops with Stomp and Syncopated Ladies), ExCel, London

16th-17th Feb 2018 – Tap Dance Festival UK Winter Intensive – Pendleton College, Salford, Greater Manchester


Sep-Dec 2017 – Ballet at the Barre (Improvers) – CityLit, London

31st July 2017 – 1 Day Adult Contemporary Dance Intensive – Rambert, London

19th July 2017 – Tap Improvisation & Composition Workshop – London

12th July 2017 – Tap Shim Sham Workshop – London

Jan-Oct 2017 – Rhythm Tap – London



Sep-Dec 2016 Rhythm Tap – London

1 Sep 2016 Brighton Tap Festival (Tap Beginners & Afro Funk)

Apr-Jun 2016 Ballet at the Barre (12 weeks) – City Lit, London

Jan-May 2016 Rhythm Tap (12 weeks) – London

Jan-Mar 2016 Pop Dance (10 weeks) – London



4 Nov – 9 Dec 2015 Rhythm Tap (6 weeks) – Morley London

15 Apr-1 Jul 2015 Ballet at the Barre (12 weeks) – City Lit, London

16 Jan-6 Mar 2015 Beginner’s Ballet Course (8 Weeks) – Aviv Studios, Watford


Mar-May 2014 Beginners Tap Course – Aviv Dance, Watford

Jan-Jun 2013 Contemporary & Jazz Workshop – City Lit, London

Apr-Jul 2012 Dance Stretch (Jazz & Contemporary) – Morley College, London

Oct 2004-Apr 2009 Street Jazz & Hip Hop Intermediate & Advanced – Sly Dance, Sutton, Surrey (Performance of Bugsy Malone)

Sept 2002-July 2003 Freestyle Jazz – Kingston University (End of Term Performance)