Leotard Love

Gotta love a leo
Gotta love a leo

I never thought I’d want to wear a leotard to ballet, as nice as they look. I think for many adult beginners, the thought of clingy, revealing clothing is a little unsettling, especially if you are just going to wear it with tights.

But after enrolling on Ballet again this Spring, I decided to order a basic navy one from Move Dancewear and try it out. Well, I am truly converted! The best thing about them, I think, is that they stay in place, so you don’t have to keep pulling your top down when your arms are in the air and so on. However, I haven’t worn mine with tights just yet…I wear capri style LA Gear sweat pants over mine, plus a black wrap cardigan, unless it’s hot.

You would be used to wearing them in formal classes with tights because it enables the teacher to see your lines properly. But in adult beginner classes, teachers tend to be flexible about clothing.

My most recent purchase was another leotard in pink!