Since I started doing two Rhythm Tap classes back to back, I have to say I am struggling to remember both of the routines that we are learning. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m going after work when I’m tired and/or frazzled or if I’m just no longer able to remember multiple routines anymore…nooooo!

Turns out I’m not the only one! Another lady in my class said the same thing. I think my problem is that I remember bits of both, especially if they share a common step (like step-heel-step-heel-step-heel-heel). 

When I was doing Ballet and Tap (Weds and Thurs respectively) I found I could remember the tap routine but couldn’t remember the barre warmup sequence in Ballet, which was actually really easy.

Anyway, my tap colleague asked if the level 2 routine could be filmed, so I was delighted to receive the video link last Friday so I can practice ūüėÄ (sorry, I can’t share this with you). 

Move Yourself


I think I might buy a ticket for Move It 2017 after saying last year I wasn’t going to… This time I’ll make sure I do it early so I get in on some classes! I’ve been going since about 2010.

Review of Stepping Out at the Pump House

Last Thursday I went to Watford’s Pump House Theatre to watch a Belmont Theatre production of¬†Stepping Out,¬†written¬†by Richard Harris¬†and first performed in the West End in 1984. It was also made into a movie in 1991 starring Liza Minnelli and Julie Walters; I need to get this!

The story is basically about a group of people who attend a weekly tap class in their local church hall, each with their own foibles and quirks, and through the course of the play, snippets of their lives and backgrounds come to the fore. This, interspersed with a bit of tapping here and there, culminating in a final showstopper!


I really enjoyed this performance at this little, intimate theatre (so intimate in fact, we saw people we knew, including one person in the play!). The acting was good, the setting was believably suburban, the jokes worked (if not a little forced in places), dramatic moments cut through the humour and the dance wear certainly caught your eye.

Now, as a tap student myself, I was really looking forward to seeing the tap dancing, but as this was presented by an amateur dramatics group, it wasn’t the best I’ve seen. Watching the final showstopper, I think there were maybe 2 or 3 ladies who have trained in tap dance, while the rest maybe hadn’t done any prior to this show (if they had, I apologise!). But, that made it all the more believable, rather than everyone suddenly becoming a perfected Ginger Rogers at the end. I like the fact that people sometimes trip over a line or speak at the same time as another character by accident, because that is the BEAUTY of LIVE performance. No editing. I’ve seen West End shows where the singer’s voice has cracked, or they got out of breath, or the stage equipment got stuck, and that shows that they’re human.

I would definitely recommend seeing a production of this show if you get the chance (or watch the film).


Advanced Beginner

So last night I went along to the first of my double whammy of Rhythm Tap classes at Morley College, levels 1 and 2 back to back (1.5 hours). It felt like a long time to hang around after work until 6pm, even though it was only really an hour, but I think the post-clock change darkness made it feel that way.

Level 1 was my comfort zone, and I thoroughly enjoyed the warm up exercises and routine we started to learn, although the class size is a LOT bigger than Thursday lunchtimes, which meant shifting around every now and then in order to make sure I could see our teacher.

Level 2 was also a large class, but oh MY, did it step things up a notch! I had to keep remembering that my teacher had told me months ago that I should do level 2 as I’ll be just ¬†fine at that level, so that I didn’t feel too intimidated by all those other people who had been doing it a while. Thankfully, I already knew 2 other people who I had met in Thursday lunchtime classes, so we could laugh at ourselves…together! Normally I don’t worry too much about going across the room in groups of 3 or 4 while others watch, but with that large class size and being a level 2 newbie, I was suddenly aware of people watching. Don’t panic! But do you know what, when you watch others, you can learn from the good stuff they’re doing, or realise that others are struggling with it too, and that’s OK!

We’re learning a routine to Cee Lo Green’s Crazy. Let’s see if I can remember two different routines over these 6 weeks…