Went to the glamorous and quirky neighbourhood of Notting Hill to see Old Kent Road’s tap show ‘Fallout’ on Thursday evening after work.

OMG these people are so talented! If you get a chance to see some of their work… Do it!

A totally engaging show, amazing tap skills and musicality. Founder Avalon Rathgeb is mesmerising to watch and the live band was fantastic. There was a half hour Q&A at the end where I was kind of poised to ask a question but kind of missed my chance… Or chickened out.

What I really wanted to know was how they look after their feet! I mean, I’m only doing 1.5 hours a week and I get foot fatigue, aching toenails, blisters…

Despite Storm Doris wreaking havoc during the day, my SO and I got there and back to the burbs no problem.

Was great to see a few people from our Rhythm Tap classes at Morley in the audience as our teacher is Old Kent Road’s company manager.

Watching these amazing dancers gave me renewed enthusiasm for Wednesday nights and left me wondering how I can put more hours in.

An amazing evening all for only £15!

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